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corresponds to 9 cents per day of use for use over 7 months

Diese Handschuhe entsprechen dem Livinguard Standard


Navy Blue


Menge (Paare):   

Versand innerhalb von 2-3 Werktagen   |   30 Tage Rückgaberecht   |   nur 15 Cent pro Tag

Ein Handschuh, der das Berühren wieder makes sure. Die Livinguard Handschuhe für den Alltag verfügen über die patentierte und zertifizierte Livinguard-Stoff-Technologie. Diese inactivated Bakterien und Viren, die mit den Handschuhen in Kontakt kommen und kann so Kreuzkontaminationen verhindern. Nachhaltig in der Nutzung. 210 days reusable und 30 Mal mit kaltem Wasser waschbar.

Available in different sizes and variants

The antiviral efficacy of the Livinguard substance used against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) was proven in studies at the RWTH Aachen and the Free University of Berlin.

Made of comfortable, soft material that is equipped for longer use. Hygienic product and therefore excluded from exchange

Note: The Livinguard gloves are not medical devices. However, please bear in mind that each hand is individual and there may be variations. If you are unsure and/or stand between two sizes, please choose the larger size for safety reasons.
Da es sich bei den Handschuhen um highly sensitive hygiene products handelt, sind die Handschuhe vom Austausch nach Öffnung der Ware ausgeschlossen.

Material composition

Äußere und innere Gewebeschicht: Cotton

Product details

Inaktiviert >99,99% der Coronaviren* und ≥95% aller Bakterien, Viren und Pilze** 

Self-disinfecting effect through patented antimicrobial Livinguard®-Technology on Switzerland*.

Protection against external contamination

Tested to U.S. EPA standards for "self-disinfecting" properties and skin compatibility

Washable with cold water once a week and up to 30 times in total

High comfort for long lasting wearing

Available sizes

We recommend ladies to choose the ladies version in the appropriate size. Men we usually recommend ordering the gloves in the men's version. However, please remember that each hand is individual and there may be deviations. If you are unsure about the size, we recommend that you order the larger version.

Da es sich bei den Handschuhen um einen hochsensiblen Hygieneartikel handelt, sind die Handschuhe vom Austausch nach Öffnung der Ware ausgeschlossen.


These gloves do not eliminate disease, suffering or infection and are intended for the general public. These gloves are not intended for use as surgical gloves. These gloves do not guarantee the prevention of infection. The effectiveness of the gloves is no longer guaranteed after 30 washes. Not suitable for children under 7 years of age. A return is only possible in undamaged original packaging as this is a hygiene product.

Shelf life

These gloves can be used for 7 months after opening.


The fabric of viralProtect gloves treated with Livinguard® technology inactivates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and reliably in 10 minutes.**


The viralProtect gloves have a shelf life of 7 months and are washable up to 30 times.

The viralProtect gloves with Livinguard® technology are the only gloves with a proven self-disinfecting effect.* Conventional gloves cannot deactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi and therefore do not offer the comprehensive protection as the reliable viralProtect gloves by Livinguard.


Swiss technology

The three-layer filter of the viralProtect mask, with patented technology of Livinguard® from Switzerland, offers reliable self and foreign protection - without silver or other harmful chemicals.

Erfolgreich getestet 

The Livinguard® technology of the viralProtect protective mask was successfully tested according to U.S. EPA standards with regard to its "self-disinfecting" properties. Only Livinguard® textiles can continuously inactivate microbes.

Gute Hautverträglichkeit 

Das Livinguard®-Textil der viralProtect Schutzmaske hat umfangreiche Hauttests in den Product Safety Labs in den USA nach Anforderungen der US-EPA und an den Hohenstein Instituten in Deutschland nach europäischen Normen bestanden.


Your heading text goes here*Getestet nach U.S. EPA Standards hinsichtlich selbstdesinfizierenden Eigenschaften und Hautverträglichkeit**Für detailliertere Informationen und Testergebnisse kontaktieren Sie uns.

*Test erfolgte nach DIN EN ISO 18184:2019 

**Getestet nach U.S. EPA Standards hinsichtlich selbstdesinfizierenden Eigenschaften und Hautverträglichkeit.

***For more detailed information and test results please contact us.

 ****Bei täglicher Nutzung und einmal wöchentlichem Waschen.