Livinguard Masken

7-month face mask

Contains a ViralProtect protective mask - Size freely selectable

(210 days protection)

Masken Doppelpack

Contains two ViralProtect protective masks - Size freely selectable

(14 months protection)

Save 10%
Family & Friends Paket

contains four ViralProtect protective masks

(2x Größe M / 2x Größe L)

Save 17%

Business Paket

contains eight ViralProtect protective masks

(4x Größe M / 4x Größe L)

Savings 21%
Business Komplettpaket + 30 Handdesinfektionsgele

contains 30x 60ml disinfection gel

Save 25% compared to the retail price

Laden Sie hier unsere Wirksamkeitsstudie der Maske gegen das Coronavirus herunter:

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